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Dane County Parks

Disc Golf

Dane County Parks provides two premier disc golf courses, both known for being well-maintained and beautifully groomed:

  • Vallarta-Ast Disc Golf Course (27 holes)
  • Capital Springs Disc Golf Course (18 holes)

A Dane County Disc Golf Permit (daily or annual) is required to use these two courses and may be purchased online or at the electronic pay station at the disc golf course. The permit must be carried by the owner (with ID) when using disc golf course and the personal information on back of permit must be filled in.



Vallarta-Ast Disc Golf Course

The award-winning Vallarta-Ast 27-hole course at Token Creek County Park is recognized as one of the top courses in the United States and hosts prestigious events with national and worldwide competitors. 

Capital Springs Disc Golf Course

The Capital Springs Recreation Area 18-hole course is laid out over rolling glacial drumlins surrounded by picturesque prairie areas and offers bicycle access off the Capital City Trail.