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Dane County Parks

Special Recognition

We thank these major contributors for their generous donations of land and financial resources which help to support, sustain and grow the Dane County Park System. 

Land Donation

Donated By Donation
George Socha and Joyce Baehr (2008) 132 Acres - Maunesha River Natural Resource Area
Beatrice Wencel (2008) 168 Acres - Stewart Lake County Park (Conservation Easement)
Ice Age Trail Alliance (2007) 80 Acres - Springfield Hill Natural Resource Area
Max and Betty Rosenbaum (2007) 34 Acres - Pleasure Valley Natural Resource Areas (Conservation Easement)
Anita Gurda (2007) 2.5 Acres - Brigham County Park
Patricia Esch (2004) 2.5 Acres - Lake View Hill County Park
Irene Silverwood (2001) 295 Acres - Silverwood County Park
James Woodburn Sr. (2000) 5.5 Acres - Donald County Park (Conservation Easement)
Stephen Morton (1999) 120 Acres - Morton County Forest
Richard and Beatrice Wencel (1999) 21 Acres - Stewart Lake County Park
The Wrolstad Family (1994) 3.7 Acres - CamRock County Park
Delma Donald Woodburn (1993) 105 Acres - Donald County Park
Madison Metropolitan Sewer District (1993) 10.5 Acres - Nine Springs E-Way Natural Resource Area
Marcella Pendall (1978) 40 Acres - Schumacher Farm County Park
Isabel and Phillip LaFollette (1974) 37 Acres - Phil’s Woods County Forest
Russell and Ella McCarthy (1974) 194 Acres - McCarthy County Park
Jon Holtzman (1973) 64 Acres - Holtzman County Natural Resource Area
Otto and Evelyn Festge (1963) 16 Acres - Festge County Park

Financial Donations

Contribution Level Donors
$1,000,000 and Above John (Jack) Lussier
$500,000 to $1,000,000 Walter Scheidegger
Stephen Morton
$250,000 to $500,000 Madison Community Foundation

Cambridge Foundation
Patricia and harvey Wilmeth
Patricia Anderson
Rennebohm Foundation
Madison Fishing Expo
Sally Wilmeth and Terry Geurkink

$25,000 to $100,000 Evjue Foundation
Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District
Patricia Hitchcock
William Lunney and Judie Pfeifer

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

— Nelson Henderson