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Dane County Parks is committed to providing services that are accessible to everyone. Below are some of the accessible options in our park system, grouped by activity.

The Jenni & Kyle Preserve is a fully-accessible county park intended to serve children and persons with disabilities and provides accessible fishing and picnic areas, trails, wheelchair swings and a shelter building around two spring-fed ponds containing trout and panfish. Visit the park website for more information.


Dane County Parks

Dane County Parks has one All-Terrain Wheelchair (Action Trackchair®) availabe to check out and use in the Capital Springs Recreation Area. The chair is designed to to help people of all ability levels access the outdoors. 

AccessAbility Wisconsin

Access Ability Wisconsin, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating and providing the means for individuals with mobility challenges to access and enjoy Wisconsin's natural resources. They offer free use (a refundable deposit required) of outdoor, all-terrain wheelchairs for anyone with a temporary or permanent disability. They have several chairs available for check out in the Madison Metropolitan area as well as from other areas in Wisconsin. Use of these is not limited to any specific area or park. They can be used anywhere in or outside of Wisconsin. 

For more information or to reserve a wheelchair, visit the Access Ability Wisconsin website and under the “Reservations” tab, click on “Reserve Now”. Should you have questions, please contact any of the areas listed, email or call (608) 886-9388.

Each of our five campgrounds offers an accessible site and accessible restroom. Campgrounds at W.G. Lunney Lake Farm, Token Creek, and Babcock county parks have a separate accessible restroom and shower facility.  Accessible campsites by campground are shown our campground maps. Reservations can be made online at

Donald County Park features a rider mounting assistance platform. Find a map on our Equestrian Trails webpage.  

Dane County Parks is working with partners on system-wide accessibility improvements at county lake access sites. Improvements will create and enhance access to fishing and boating opportunities for all ages and abilities. Visit our Fishing webpage to view locations of accessible fishing piers. Learn more about future improvements on our Accessible Fishing and Boating Improvements webpage.

The park system includes several hard surface trails, including paved trails, crushed limestone trails and wooden boardwalks. Parks with these features are listed below:

Dane County Parks has ten properties that are accessible by bus or bike trail.  A map of the properties and links to each property page can be found below. Learn more about these properties on our Properties Accessible by Bus or Bike Trail webpage.

We offer "Disabled, Military, and Veteran" reduced fee permits for several activity permits, including Dog, Lake Access, Horse and Mountain Bike permits. Permits can be purchased online. Proof of military or veteran status must be emailed to Proof of veteran status is a DD214 or VA ID, WI Driver’s License with Veteran Identifier, or a membership card in American Legion or VFW; proof of military service is current orders or military ID.

We also offer financial assistance to Dane County residents with financial limitations that prevent them from purchasing a permit. 

Visit the Open Restrooms webpage to find open, ADA accessible restrooms. All of the portable toilets in the park system are ADA accessible models.